eM Client 5.0.17944.0 Contact Search Problem

After installing the 5.0.17944.0 em Client update, searches in my contact list omit entries that should be included. Tried backing up, removing and reinstalling program and restoring backup. Tried restoring a data backup from a working copy of the previous em Client from another computer. So far nothing has worked.

problem is with the 17944 version, does not exist in 17939 version. Packet analyzer testing showed that an extra period is being placed at end of the domain being sent to the host, causing host authentication rejections.

Thank you for reporting this. We are aware of this issue and are already working on the fix.

In the mean time could you please make the 5.0.17939.0 version available for download, as the product is useless without either a fix, or the 5.0.173939.0 version which does not have this bug.

link for version 5.0.17939 is here:
but there is no such change that may cause the problem you talk about. Can you please provide us packet analyzer log you are talking about?

is there an email address that I can sent a screen capture of the packets showing the extra period causing the problem.

Here is an update on this problem, I in fact verified this is a problem introduced into the 5.0.17944.0 version, I went to a machine running 5.0.17939.0 and ran packet analyzer there, and the packets sent for caldav/cardav are without the extra character. So that indicates the problem is in fact the extraneous period. I also determined the extra character is being stored that way during add/change account dialog. How do I know this, well I UN-installed the 5.0.17944.0 version from the machine where the problem is, rebooted, installed the 5.0.17939.0 version, and when I ran emclient all the prior configuration setup was there, and the problem was still there, however I removed the cardav/caldav accounts that did not work and added them again from scratch, and the problem went away. I tried the same thing on the v5.0.17944.0 version and it made no difference (did not fix it).

So in summary it appears the V5.0.17944.0 version is storing a period behind the domain in the URL that sends to the host for caldav/cardav requests. The V5.0.17939.0 version does not and works correctly.

This was verified and compared both with packet analyzer seeing the difference in the URL sent to the host with the non working one showing the extraneous period, And the v5.0.17939.0 version works where the v5.0.17944.0 version does not, and that cardav/caldav accounts need to be created from scratch under the v5.0.17939.0 verison, as the stored information from the v5.0.17944.0 version install contains the extranous charactor.

If you give me an email address I will email you a jpg of the screen shot from the packet analyzer showing the extra charactor.

To all: Contact me directly at wilson@emclient.com please. I will send you our internal version which fixes the issue as soon as it is finished.