eM Client 4 doesn't display Communigate Pro Calendars/Addressbooks

We use eM Client Pro coming with SoftMaker Office Professional and recently updated our installations to eM Client 4.0.14690.0
The problem is: All Addressbooks and Calendars synced over CardDAV/CalDAV with CommuniGate Pro are gone. According to the logs they seem to be synchronized, but they don’t get displayed in the sidebar.
In version 3.5 they were ok with the same settings.

please contact me directly on my mail [email protected]. We will try to solve it ASAP.

edit: Please attach your CalDAV logs. Thank you.

Is there a chance that this can be fixed within the next weeks?
And how can we install updates for our eM Client that came with SoftMaker Office Professional (and that is obviously not using the official update server)?

got a similar problem: I’m just trying eM client and so I added my Calendar address. The log tells me that there are any invalid characters. My calendar address is https://mbox1.belwue.de/CalDAV/~j.kat…. It works fine with Thunderbird, though. The server is Communigate Pro.

Any ideas?

Please send me the log so I can investigate the issue. Thank you.

Hi, i think i have the same problem. Added a communigate account, but nothing happens. I’ll send you the log files to your email address.

The client basically does a PROPFIND on user-pricipals gets the URLs for the Contacts and Calendars and does not proceed.

I tested this with Communigate Pro 6.0 (unstable). This one is syncing fine with eM Client 5 Beta except the CardDAV-addressbooks, which disappear after a restart of the eM Client.
Hopefully they will fix this for the eM Client 5. Until then I don’t understand why this problem is marked as “Solved”.?