eM Client 4.0 is finally here!!!

eM Client 4.0 Released

Download it at http://www.emclient.com/dist/v4.0.139…


  • Reworked support for GMail (brand new support for shared calendars and tasks).
  • Completely redesigned and much more usable notification popup windows.
  • New Outlook import does not need Outlook to be installed and allows import directly from PST files.
  • Server settings enable companies to customize multiple desktop clients centrally and easily.
  • Improved calendar design.

Other New Features

  • Outlook import now also supports import of settings, meeting attendees, free-busy.
    statuses, account passwords and much more.
  • Import of events, tasks and rules from Thunderbird/Lightning.
  • Import of accounts and contacts from Windows Mail.
  • Improved field detection in csv import.
  • Bing is now used for text translations instead of Google Translate (which is not free anymore).
  • Automatic import of holidays for your region.
  • You can now save a predefined subject for templates.
  • Automatic resizing of large images in email preview.
  • S/MIME certificates can now be loaded from Windows Certificate Store too.
  • Include entire domain option added to a communication and attachment history.
  • Calendar, task and contact folder can now be changed in item’s detail form.
  • Improved Clear formating function in editor
  • Widget settings can now be modified easily.
  • Quick zoom with ctrl+mouse wheel in calendar’s week and day view.


  • Several fixes in Thunderbird import
  • Fixed several bugs with multiple emails printing.
  • Several fixes for Download messages for offline use mode.
  • Several optimization for contacts and calendar folders loading.
  • Hundreds of other fixes and optimizations.

My version 3.5 has been updated with no problem.
Just a little question :
on my laptop I had installed the beta version 4 wich had a eMClient toolbar.
I don’t really need it, but I would like to know why there is not this toolbar on the updated version 4?

I just updated and it removed my gmail calendar. how do I get it back?

Any word on archiving? when can we expect it?

If you were using CalDAV to setup your Google Calendar, version 4.x works differently. As start from version 4, eM Client is using the native Google API to access the calendar instead of using CalDAV.

Please check your settings in the menu -> Tools -> Account -> ‘your google acc.’ -> Calendar and Contacts. Make sure the service are enabled. When enabled, your will be able to access all your Google calendar under your account, instead of using 1 CalDAV account per non-primary calendar.

When are you adding 4.0 to this forum? I need to file two bugs (namely, each starred email appears FOUR times in the agenda on the right, and most gmail tasks created before the update to 4.0 don’t appear at all among the tasks in the main central pane) I’m using google apps on my domain.


  1. version 4.0 has been already added

  2. you can choose folders to be shown in Agenda settings - Choose folders

  3. It should be fixed in this version: http://emclient.com/dist/v4.0.14061/s…

Best regards,

George Wilson

any new beta version available? why dont you release a beta to the public (even on selected customers only) in order to get feedback earlier? i think this could help you a lot. no?

I am still getting an error at startup;

Uploading events to calendar “myname@gmail.com/My Name/” failed with an error: Invalid Value

I am also getting Uploading events to calendar “myname@gmail.com/My Name/” failed with an error: Invalid Value

bob, chaud: Make sure you are updated to the latest version of eM. If the error presist, please enable Gdata logging and send the log. You can enable the log via the menu -> Tools -> Setting -> Logging.

  • Reworked support for GMail (brand new support for shared calendars and tasks).

Oh? And how do I sync my Google Calendar to eM Client Calendar? And Contacts to Google Contacts. None is happening automatically.

what version od eM Client are you using? It should work without problems - are you getting any error messages?


No errors, no calendar. This is on a Dell, att DSL, running Win7 You and your web page seem to say the sync should be automatic, with no toggles to toggle on either eM or Google. Is that correct?

To a point, it seems to be working on another computer (Gateway) off another DSL. I say “seems to be” because I don’t know where eM Clinet 4 is getting the calendar data. I have MS Outlook 2007 on this one and it’s synced to Google Calendar via Gsyncit. So perhaps eM is getting its calendar data from Outlook rather than Google.

How does one tell?

By the way love eM, but is there a toggle to get her to send/receive whenever she is started up, rather than having to click the S/R button?

try to disable existing account for a while and create it again (Tools - Accounts - Create new account). In case, it will not help, send me your GData log (Tools - Settings - Logging, check GData under the problematic account, try to synchronize the calendar and send me the log using the same window).

My email: wilson@emclient.com

Hi Google Calendar won’t sync. I can’t get any events to come into eM Client. I just downloaded today and am hoping this will work out for me after bad experience with Thunderbird and not enough $ to buy Outlook. I get the following error:

Synchronizing calendar ‘username@gmail.com/My Calendar/’ failed with an error: Specified cast is not valid.

Ideas? I’m completely flummoxed. I can add the calendar as a CalDAV, but that doesn’t prevent the error from popping up because I need to use that gmail account for my contacts. I’ve tried deleting the account and re-creating it. Restarting eM Client, etc.

Thank you!!

Revision: I just did a few test events. It went FROM eM Client to Google just fine. But nothing comings from Google to eM Client.

Got it! I needed SP2 installed on my version of windows, I guess. :slight_smile: