eM Client 4.0 BETA released

We are proud to announce that we have released eM Client 4.0 BETA.

You can download it here:


  • Reworked support for GMail (brand new support for shared calendars and tasks).
  • Completely redesigned and much more usable notification popup windows.
  • New Outlook import does not need Outlook to be installed and allows import directly from PST files.
  • Improved calendar design.
  • Server settings enable companies to customize multiple desktop clients centrally and easily.

Other New Features

  • Outlook import now also supports import of settings, meeting attendees, free-busy statuses, account passwords and much more.
  • Import of events, tasks and rules from Thunderbird/Lightning.
  • Import of accounts and contacts from Windows Mail.
  • Improved field detection in csv import.
  • Bing is now used for text translations instead of Google Translate (which is not free anymore).
  • Automatic import of holidays for your region.
  • You can now save a predefined subject for templates.
  • Automatic resizing of large images in email preview.
  • S/MIME certificates can now be loaded from Windows Certificate Store too.
  • Include entire domain option added to a communication and attachment history.
  • Calendar, task and contact folder can now be changed in item’s detail form.
  • Improved Clear formating function in editor
  • Widget settings can now be modified easily.
  • Quick zoom with ctrl+mouse wheel in calendar’s week and day view.
  • Automatic picture resizing when viewing emails.


  • Several fixes in Thunderbird import
  • Fixed several bugs with multiple emails printing.
  • Several fixes for Download messages for offline use mode.
  • Several optimization for contacts and calendar folders loading.
  • Hundreds of other fixes and optimizations.

Love the changes especially calendar/tasks!

Hi, will there be an automatic update or do we have to install it (and uninstall previous version) ?

When can we expect the conversation view like gmail?

Since this is not a retail release, it will not pick up in the automatic update system. You don’t need to uninstall it. Just download the beta and install.

I would suggest to do a back-up of your database before trying the beta.

Thanks. I have a retail release, so I understand I’ll receive an automatic update.

Opravdu skvělé!

Happy about fixes/Improvement:

  • Finally the lag when changing to different IMAP folder introduced at ver3.5 is gone
  • Native Google Calendar API
  • Google Task support
  • Web iCal (.ics) support


  • The msi install database takes longer than usual to run, it has about a good 5 second before any screen comes up.
  • In the install process license agreement screen, instead of “I Agree”, it just shows “Agre”
  • On the installation of toolbar, the first tick option shows “Install eM Client” instead of “Install eM Client Toolbar”
  • Minimize of folder in left navigation panel still cannot be saved: https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…

Promised but still no fix:


  • Service for Calendar and Contact are now under one - I really don’t want to use the Google contact service, but want the calendar.
  • A black/white list feature for unsafe content
  • Able to enable/disable each calendar under Google Calendar
  • Option to disable AccuWhether
  • IMAP folder subscription
  • Option to disable selected local folder
  • Password protect of Settings and Accounts option
  • Allow manually of adding default attachment action
  • Under export, add option for “eM Client database” (copy to another location) for the novice users. Vice-versa also for import (copy database from another location)

Misunderstanding, what I meant is beta build would not show up under automatic update.


  • Sidebar contact, choose folder for contact. Cannot select “Local folder”, will show an error message “The folder you select doesn’t support the required item type. Please select a compatible folder.”

Happy about fixes/Improvement:

  • Faster program start-up


  • Agenda in sidebar has memory leak. This is the first time I had memory leak problem, despite complaint from many other user before. EM Client use to release memory slowly over period of inactivity. The only different is I have now enable my Google calendar (contact as well, forced) and obviously Google Task. And since I have Task and Calendar now enabled, it nature I start to show the “Agenda” on the sidebar. This is where I notice the memory leak.

I start to do some test and observe the memory usage. Even at this beta ver.4, if I disable to show Agenda on the sidebar, the memory would be release slowly or if eM Client window is not focused. However, once when I start to show the Agenda on the sidebar, memory just start to increase by 50-100kb by the slight of activity in eM Client. Synchronize would start to increase more. And eM Client would not release any memory.

Update: After longer period of observing, it seems even with Agenda enable, eM does release SOME of memory. But only if the program is not active for very long period of time, which is useless, since I have automatic of checking mail. And as soon as it start, memory usage start to increase. Overall, the memory usage is a lot higher once enable Agenda in sidebar. It far more what eM could release.

Ok thanks again.:slight_smile: I’ll try it on my portable computer.

I installed. It took a long time and the windows of installation went on the left and I could not see it.
I received the invitation to dowload hollidays of France.
May be one day I could have the hollidays of Bulgaria :slight_smile:

About global column configuration: it is there, just right click on list header (in mode where all columns are visible) and select Apply column configuration to other folder(s).

Thanks, not where I expected, but will do the job.

When I go the window for diagnose it crashes and I have to CTRL+ Delete to close the application.
After I open again eM Client and everything is ok.

This happens with the two versions: 4 beta and the previous one.

Working for me.

The rules are broken.
Když zkouším aplikovat pravidla, tak k žádným přesunům nedojde.

Synchronization does not work with Gmail. Called me this error: Synchronization error over the calendar. String was not recognize as a valid type Date Time.

Synchronizace kalendáře Gmail skončila chybou: Řetězec nebyl rozpoznán jako platný typ Date Time.

It would be nice if we could have a copy drag and drop function in calendar. So if you hover over an event and press CTRL you get a floating version of it that you can drop on another slot within the calendar.

We’d need a more details to resolve the issue, particularly a communication log. Here are steps to produce that:

  • Enable “Network Communication” logs under Tools -> Settings -> Logging
  • Restart the application
  • Wait for the problem to happen
  • Use the “Send logs” button in Tools -> Settings -> Logging and turn the logs back off.