eM Client 4.0.14479 with fruux.com: bugs on task location and contact photo

I checked out free fruux.com sync service with eM Client. Its nearly great.

Setting dav.fruux.com as account gets it all: contacts, tasks, calendar. As easy as setting up a Google account.

Found 2 bugs.

BUG IN CONTACTS: As soon as I add a photo to a contact eM Client fails to upload this contact and displays “Internal Server Error“. (@~2012-06-04 08:05 MEST)).

If I add the contact photo on another device, eM Client receives and displays it correctly but fails to upload the contact again after a change.

Removing the photo on eM Client fixes this and the upload works again.

Calendar and tasks sync works quite well.

BUG IN REMINDERS: iOS-reminders with location based reminder will sync as textual location information via fruux.com to eM Client reminders, but the location text misses separating spaces between street, town and country because iOS syncs the sepratators as a line feed. E.g. a reminder setup on iOS with a reminding location based on a contact address
„Porsche-Platz 1
23456 Foobar

will appear in eM Client as task with location
„Porsche-Platz 123456 FoobarDeutschland“.
Copying the location from the synced eM Client task via clipboard to notepad shows that there are still line feed characters in the location string.

Not clearly an eM Client issue but something to work out with fruux.

Update: As of today fruux reacted on my post and now the contact can be synched back to fruux but without the photo, so far. As long I don’t change the photo on the eM Client side it works now. (Might still be a debugging situation on the fruux side.)

Yesterday Apple has confirmed the location address line with line feeds to be a standard Apple app behavior and thus no change will be applied from the Apple side. Lines of the address are and will be separated by a line feed character (Chr[10]).

Thus, on the eM Client side of the solution, to maintain the interoperability with Apple the location address data should be kept as is as long it is not changed, but line feed characters simply should be displayed as blanks to give the user a chance.

This would be only one line of code before a location value is displayed.
But a big step for those using an iOS device with eM Client on the desktop side.