eM client 3.5 very slow with gmail for business IMAP

software very nice, but extremely slow in synchronizing account to gmail business account
we are trying it to use in our company, but we found this quite big problem
Software is always doing something (upload or synchronizing) but if we do something after 10 minutes our gmail account is not updated (checking from chrome browser) : messages not deleted, not moved, and so on…
Please help !..

I apologize for the late reply. If your problem persists, check your Send/Receive settings and set sync frequency suitable to your needs.


George Wilson

Dear George
I know very well, I’m the IT responsible, we have worked with Microsoft Exchange and with Alt-N Mdaemon server before, so I’m not a newbie
It is eMclient that doesn’t sync as expected and very slowly, it gives very often synchronization error, we just ignore but I find it not usual, I get them 10 times a day
And I am testing sync2em account as well but it doesn’t work at all:
If I copy contacts from gmail account to sync2em account, I cannot see them from my iphone
If I don’t copy them, they never sync eve after days
I cannot undesrtand how it works
Thank you for helping

are you still getting the error messages? If so, please let me know.

Check if your sync2em account contains any data here: mail.sync2em.com