eM Client 3.5 BETA 2 released

Download link: http://www.emclient.com/dist/v3.5.115…
This version is stable and almost final. Feel free to download and test it.

Features from Beta 1

  • Categories and other icons are now showed in all calendar views (ie. month view).
  • Behavior of colors in calendar was simplified.
  • Option to disable transparency and gradients in calendar added to settings.
  • Sort events in multicalendar view in a more logical way.
  • Show categories in detail windows for events.
  • Simplified behavior of Move Junk Back To Inbox button.
  • Show reasonable date and time information for agenda in sidebar.
  • New chat status icons.
  • Better handling of US postal addresses.
  • Documentation is updated for version 3.5.
  • Several localizations were updated for version 3.5 (German, Polish, Czech, Slovak).


  • Several issues with recurrence events was fixed.
  • Several shortcut issues resolved.
  • Many other bugs fixed.

In the german localation the Week in the month-view is still in English.
It should be KW for week.
Maybe you can make it right align.

Still cannot save my state on showing e-mail and calendar with local calendar folder minimized. EM will not save the minimized folder.

Can you describe the problem step to step or attach a screenshot? We are not able to reproduce it.

Hello, we fixed that, it is now translated in german. Thanks for reporting.

The option “Remember box layout on the left side” has checked and enabled.

I have choose to show both “Mail” and “Calendar” while all other tabs are minimized.

At calender I’ve choose to minimize the local calender, so only Google calender will show.

At eM 3.5 beta1 this saved for awhile, but after some use local calender would no longer stay minimized when launch. This problem persisted in beta2. (I’ll post a screen shot soon)

Evertime you restart em Client 3.5 b2, all CalDAV calendars
are unchecked again and only the local calendar is checked.

Apply all rules will stop at a signed message.

This should be now fixed, thanks for reporting.

This should be now fixed, thanks for reporting.

I think you need to check this out, https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…

What you mean by signed message?

an e-mail which has SSL verification

Unfortunately, there is also in the new version is still not a “note to mail” or “edit message”
I can not use eMClient business and must continue to annoy me with Outlook

Is there any way to remove the “Invite to eM Client” button? I’ve already posted on facebook and twitter, and would like the button gone now.

Infact, it would be nice to be able to customise the buttons, re-arrange them, add and remove etc.


I am unable to reproduce the issue you described. Can you please send the problematic mail as attachment to the support@emclient.com?

Thank you for your help.

I tried out a web-calendar for a CalDAV-Acount
(b.t.w. nice selecting of month and year, you should take a look)
When I log into it I get all calenders of the user and all the calendes
that are bindet to it. Will this be possible in eM Clent in future versions?

Yes, that would be nice to have the option to remove it.
Maye we see that in the next beta!?

I’m on with the ability of re-arranging the toolbar. But I think it fair for the free version to have the invite button.

I agree for the free version, but I’ve purchased it.