em Client 2 gmails accounts ONLY with free license - Why not more?????????

eM Client seems to work well for free. HOWEVER after using it and getting my free license, I am only able to get 2 gmail accounts. WHY? Thunderbird is FREE and I can get as many gmail accounts as I want. It seems like em Client wants to get me to buy the pro version, which I don’t need and wont buy. Free is very good. Unfortunately even though it’s a really good product, I will stick with Thunderbird - Free, Free Free!

Thunderbird is free and is a crap piece of software. It works only if you use basic functionality and save your sent e-mails and drafts locally. I finally lost my patience with it and after trying eM Client, I am not going back. Ever. So you just enjoy your millions of mailboxes being screwed up by Thunderbird.

Plus it a dead project like SeaMonkey. The development is officially stopped on Thunderbird, they’re not going to add any features or enhancement. Only maintainance or bug-fix releases. Free software cannot survive on its own - period.

I didn’t even consider Thunderbird due to its unnecessary over-complex configuration and weak IMAP support.

i honestly cant complain about this because i do understand that revenue must be generated but i do agree more than 2 g mail’s would be nice.
and yes they are trying to get you to buy premium, this would be how they make money so they can pay for electricity and food.

Thunderbird is horrible, in my opinion. I used it for a couple of days and uninstalled it.


This topic is very old, but for further users - we don’t plan to alter our licensing system (adding more accounts for free licenses for example) anytime soon.

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