eM Client 2.7 released

We are proud to inform you that we have just released eM Client 2.7.

New features

  • Import of account settings from Outlook, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail.
  • Import of account settings, messages and contacts from Thunderbird.
  • Import contacts from CSV format.
  • Global folders for unread and flagged messages.
  • Global folders for messages marked with specific category.
  • New, faster spell checker.
  • Quick view of tasks in calendar.
  • Support for task assigning.
  • Customizable left pane.
  • IMAP account setting for downloading all messages offline.
  • XMPP SOCKS proxy support for file transfers.
  • Startup password protection.
  • Forward as attachment, forward as original.
  • Date and time of last forwarding or replying is displayed next to the original message.
  • Option to go to last opened folder on next start.
  • Create an event from e-mail messsage.
  • Facebook chat support.


  • Empty shared folders are automatically hidden on certain CalDAV servers.
  • Tooltip with link destination is shown when hovering over link in message.
  • Replied and forwarded icons are displayed even for unread messages.


  • Remove advanced search filtering on folder change.
  • Fixed incorrect processing of send rule with move action.
  • Fixed missing notification when successive rule doesn’t process a moved message.

since a couple of updates it happens my friends cannot open any attached files - what can be the reason for?

Hi Michal, I upgraded today to the 2.7. Can’t get rid of the “Message not downloaded, marked to download the next time I go online.” (or whatever the wording is.) I had whatever the version before this one was and didn’t have that problem. I have gone thru the off line routine, it isn’t marked, and when I told it to download now, it didn’t.

Any suggestions?


What email/service do you use? Don’t you use Yahoo?

Can you be more specific? What error message they get? What type of file is that? How are they attached?

it happens with all my providers … gmx and 1&1 Internet-AG

Why would I be using Yahoo? Or why should I be using Yahoo. I use gmail. I don’t like Yahoo. Version 2.6 gave me no trouble at all, I just reloaded ver. 2.6 and it is fine, so will probably stay with that if I can’t get 2.7 functional.