eM Client 2.6 released

I am proud to announce that eM Client 2.6 was finally released after several RCs.
This update is really a big one. Please take a look on the list of the most important new features.

New Features

  • Highly customizable visual themes
  • Customizable appearance of main list of items
  • Support for grouping in main views
  • Support for groups in Instant Messaging
  • Global folders
  • New attachment bar with preview
  • Sidebar box can now be easily maximized
  • Reorganized main toolbar (spam button added)
  • Close to tray functionality
  • Advanced drag and drop and clipboard scenarios
  • Export table data to CSV/HTML
  • Two lines mode in contact roster
  • Tooltips for long texts in main views
  • Support for Simple MAPI
  • Customizable account order
  • Support for drag’n’drop text in editor
  • Support for Delivery Receipts
  • Rule settings improvements
  • Many new options in settings
  • Option to hide BCC field when composing message
  • Several new icons
  • Improved CalDAV/CardDAV compatibility with Apple, Oracle Kerio, IceWarp and Sun


  • Hundreds of bug fixes and optimizations

Congratulations one and all. Looks like you worked really hard to get this out the door.

Very nice - well done all

I found a couple of issues (that I already submitted as problems) but in general eM Client is really a Great Product).
When it will have Notes it will be fantastic and complete!
Excellent Job eM Team!!

Excellent, much improved since 2.5