EM adding previous recipients to mails being forwarded

I forward a message to a recipient on BCC. I clear all the previous recipients. After sending, I look at the sent mail to see this has been sent to one recipient as well as all the previous recipients? This places me in a precarious position as I have now disclosed private e-mails?

Hello Richard,

I don’t clearly understand your issue. Could you please describe it more into detail how did this happen? Perhaps a screenshot of such mail header would help me solve this issue. 

Thank you.

This e-mail was sent BCC to only PPJ. Note that it now states that is has been sent to undisclosed recipients as well as BCC to ppj. There was no other recipient listed?.

That is correct. If you composed the email and only selected a bcc address, it will always say to undisclosed recipients and Bcc to ppj, even though there are no other undisclosed recipients. Where there are more than one Bcc recipients, eM Client reports it as to undisclosed recipients and Bcc to ppj, paul, john, ringo.

You can always right click on the sent email, and choose View Mail Header. There you will see all the recipients.

That eM Client is saying undisclosed recipients and … is just sloppy coding.

Hello Richard,

Exactly as Gary posted. In this case you don’t need to be worried, your email was only sent to your contact in BCC and no one else. 


Thank you for the feedback. Can we not post a suggestion to have the coding remedied? That will be great!