Em 9 crashing when opening "accounts"

I see this topic has been raised on Jan 12 here Since Update to Version 9 eM Client crashes by clicking on "Accounts"

Well, it’s happening to me in May :frowning:

Any solutions?

Have now uninstalled eM from my Mac and reinstalled eM v8. Greeted with ‘database is corrupted’. Uninstalled again with proprietary app deleter and reinstalled. Version running OK. Restored database. Emails fine, but my calendar appeared OK and then all of the data on it was cleared. Appears to be resyncing from scratch.

Syncing now completed and v8.2 working as normal. Hopefully will get a solution for the crashes in v9.

What version of eMC do you have installed (full version number)?

Hi, thanks for replying so quickly.

I HAD v9.0.1632_Mac installed but have uninstalled and now struggling to get v8.2.1687 (bf522f0) working properly.

Would have been nice to know that you were using a Mac…

Happy to supply any information / logs etc. I did add I was using a Mac to the original post.

It was not posted until after I had read the original… wish my crystal ball was functioning

Crumbs, that was a bit sarky! You asked what version I was using and could see immediately from my reply I’m on a Mac. Not that much of a delay…

Anyway, if you do have any clues or solutions to the crashes I’ll be grateful to hear them. It would be nice to upgrade to the latest version.

What version Mac OS do you currently run ?

Hi there, I’m on OS Catalina 10.15.7.

You may need to contact eM Client Pro support directly if you are currently a paying pro customer

I never had install issues on the last three Mac OS releases using a eg Mini Mac with Intel CPU. However eM Client also supports the latest M1 CPU as well with the new eM V9 for Mac

Note If you normally have Mac with an Intel CPU you need Rosetta 2 installed first in your OS.

See Apple support doc below.


Thanks for the advice and link.

My MacBook has intel core i5 so, if I’ve understood the Rosetta info, I guess I should be OK without Rosetta.

I have another Mac, so I’ll try installing eM 9 on that and see how it behaves.


Have tried installing v9 on another Mac (previous eM version removed with app cleaner, restart, install V9) but app still crashes on opening ‘accounts’. Aside from that, the app appears to function normally and I can create new accounts without issue, just can’t check their details once created.

Have emailed log to testing@emclient.com

The new versions 9.0.1755 opens accounts as expected with no crash :smiley: