eM 7.0 and outlook mail : can anyone confirm that is working?

Hello All,

I have a outlook email account.
In the past I have upgrated from the 6. to the 7.
I remember that I had problem with syncro and I needed to unistall and go back to the 6…
I remember that was an issue not appening to me only, but other eM users.
Can anyone confirm me that the version 7. is working now?  there was a red “!” all the time and mail were not sent/received.

Thank you so much.


I had Ver 7.0 and it worked fine. Have since downloaded Ver 7.1 Beta and it is also working just fine.

Thank you for your reply.
Any chance you can post the set up for the email?


I moved from WLM and I first set it up using IMAP. Had a number of problems with syncing so I tried using the EXCHANGE option and it now has stabilised and seems to be working great! In order for it to work though I had to delete all accounts and then go back in and set up new account. Choose the “Exchange” option and see if this works for you.

Hello Richard and thank you.

I was more concerned about the POP 3 and ect set up.
I rememember I had problem if I allowed eM to set up automaticaly outlook/hotmail, I needed to insert the POP3 and IMAP manually.
Last time I updated and import all set up. This time I think I will unistall eM 6, clean all and install the 7.