EM 5 Monthly Calendar display not useful

Running the latest build of EM 5.0, I use the calendar to display my Google Calendar, I do not have a local calendar. I always display the calendar in the month view. The display will always include the current date, but it is often not at all helpful in its scrolling of the data.

For example - today is the 5th February. The month display has this date position on the bottom row of the calendar, with 5 rows of earlier dates going back to the end of December. I do not want to see history, but rather the future.

Please could this display be changed so that either you show the whole of the month into which the current date falls, or position the current date on the top row of the display grid.

As an addendum to my post above, I think I have noticed part of the issue. The calendar is displaying January 2013, and not February. If I advance the month - the display is perfect.

It has been already fixed so you can expect it in the next update.