eM 5.0.18324.0 refuses to initialize CalDAV/SSL calendar under WindowsXP, works fine under Windows7

Using eM Client 5.0.18324.0. On Windows7/64 the client works perfectly both with our
IMAP email and CalDAV (DAVICAL) servers however when I load the same version of eM Client under Windows XP/SP3 (32bit) the CalDAV calendaring account refuses to initialize, setups (configuration) for eM client are identical and I have tried 2 different WindowsXP/SP3 systems. The error dialog box is as usual cryptic (a stack/procedure trace). Again we are using DAVICAL as our CalDAV server, SSL mode and works fine with eM under Windows7, running same eM client under WindowsXP fails to initialize the CalDAV accounts to our DAVICAL server. Any ideas?


If it is possible for you send us calDav logs to [email protected] togehter with this topics adress: https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…

you can turn on logging in Tools - Settings - Advanced and under your account choose CalDav, then restart eM Client try to initialize them and then click on send.