editor doesnt support fully 2016 word format

Dear Em Client

When I pasted a message include table , image from 2016 word files . But somethings wrong in viewing message . Image cannot display obviously or missing .

I’m using Em 7.0.27744 , Win 10 x64 , Office 2016 x64

Please check this issues and thanks for your support!

Hello Kidra,
could you perhaps screenshot the problem?


I copy image from 2016 excell to word is ok . But pasting it from word to em client turns out black or missing .

Please check this as soon as possible

Best regards,

I don’t get this problem. Try the latest version of eM Client 7.0.27777.0

Also, could possibly be an issue with the 64 bit version of Word 2016, I use 32 bit version.  Microsoft recommends using the 32 bit version unless you have a specific need for 64 bit.

Thanks for your support . But I’ve already installed the latest , It’s still not fixed ! .

I think this error origins from showing table image .

Please check editor has somethings wrong ! (maybe belong to 64 or 32 bit )

Best Regards,

please can you send the Word document with the shown table to rust@emclient.com with a link to this forum thread?
I am having trouble replicating your issue in the latest version.