Editing community posts

I’m confused by the edit dialog for posts already created. When I choose Edit, two versions of my unedited post appear–and both seem to be text entry fields. Which version is the one I need to work with for editing?

It shouldn’t be like that. It should appear exactly the same as the reply or comment dialogue box.

However, there are some incompatibilities between getsatisfaction (the company that hosts this forum) and some newer web browsers. The beta releases of Firefox Quantum, for example, do very strange things when posting and editing on getsatisfaction. It is not limited to this forum, but any hosted by that company.

There is also the possibility that you are typing in the incorrect box. After you have selected Edit, the new comment box is also available (red arrow) and you can type in there with the edit box (green arrow) still open and active.

I can’t reproduce it because I downgraded my browser to be able to use this forum more effectively, but I have seen on the beta 60 versions of Quantum that the text in the edit box (green arrow) is sometimes reproduced in it’s html form in the new comment box (red arrow). In all cases you want to edit in the green arrow box.