Editing a Calendar Event

When I’m in Month view in the Calendar, I find it difficult to edit an event. When I hover over and event the cursor changes to a hyperlink hand. But when I click on it the event doesn’t open for editing. Only when I double click does the event open.

Is this normal? One would think a single click would open it.


Yes, this is normal. Single-click selects the event, a double-click opens the event.

Hi James, yes this is the proper behavior of the application, I hope it’s not a big issue for you and that you can manage to use this setting.

Thank you,

Hi, sorry to reopen the topic after a long time! I just installed eM Client and starting using it. Using the calender in the month view I cannot edit the single events with double click. Wenn I doubleclick I just see the details of the events. In order to open the event and edit I have to use the right mouse click and select “open”, which is quite elaborate… is that the way the calender works now or can I change the setting somewhere?

Thank you!!

Do you mean that when you double-click the event popup window doesn’t open?

If that is the case then you need to double-click a little faster. :wink:

ahaha, thank you!! You’re very right, and I don’t know whay I had the problem… thank you again!!

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