Edit received mail (once again)

Ability to edit received mail is a function I used in my previous mail client constantly. To add notes to mail and save it permanently in a folder is, I think, a critical need. Anyone agree? I know this feature has been requested in the past, but I want to bump it up. It’s really very important, imo.


eM Client can only edit subjects in received emails from 6th version, full edit is not planned.


That’s too bad. I hope you’ll still consider it, as it’s extremely useful. Thanks for your quick response!

you’re welcome


Bump.  We would also need that function. It is a killer criteria for us - because of that one issue (!) we cant select em-client.  There are some other minor wishes and glitches, but that was the killer.
yours sincerely
Ing. Robert Nowotny
Rotek GmbH, Vieanna

Frankly, I don’t ever use the contact function in eM Client because I find it’s a bit of a mess. I’ve had nothing but failure trying to synchronize it with other contact applications. But it’s unnecessary if one can edit emails and then retrieve them through search. That covers all needs, and that is why I would prioritize the development of this function. Thanks!

Hi David,

I don’t know how the ‘contacts’ function is related to editing received e-mails.

By the way, I can successfully synchronize my contacts in eM Client with the contacts on my Windows Phone. This is wonderful, because I don’t need to type on my smartphone (which is of course much slower than typing on a normal keyboard).

If you can give more details about your issues with synchronizing contacts, maybe some people here can help you to get it to work.

I’m sorry, I was speaking in shorthand. But simply put, with my former mail client I put a great deal of contact information into mail bodies, then used the client’s superior search functions to access that information, cross-referencing it from whatever information I could recall. It was incredibly efficient. eM Client’s search functions are weak, but workable, and I’d like to be able to use mail data in that way again.

I would try to get my contact synchronization issues in order, but haven’t found the time to experiment properly as yet. Thanks for your reply.

While I have a moment, here’s a perfect illustration: I just spoke with someone I had to contact for an article I’m working on. I must have something shipped to her in a month or so. Her address is in her email, but when we spoke she said “make sure the package goes to the 63rd floor”. Now, I have no reason in the world to set her up as a “contact”. I will never have to deal with her again after this article is published. The information about the 63rd floor will be necessary for about one minute of my entire life. So I’d like to just be able to add it to her email, and when the time comes for me to label a package to her, search for her name, or what we conversed about or whatever – and there I’d have it…her address with the note about the 63rd floor. But because I CANNOT ADD IT TO THE MAIL, instead I have to make some separate note somewhere, or set her up in my contacts or whatever. What a waste of time and effort! eM Client support: Please consider a function that lets us simply edit the body of an email!

Hi David,

In the use case you’re describing, i would make a ‘task’ in eM Client from the e-mail.

  1. Open the e-mail

  2. click on the [task] button in the top of the e-mail window.

Now you can edit the complete text of the e-mail and you even have all task related things, like due date, attachments, recurrence et cetera.

screen shot:

Please try it. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

OK, will do. Thank you for the advice!

Gave it a try, but didn’t find it satisfactory. First, I don’t typically view mails in separate windows. To call a task from the menu requires a few steps - no hot-key combination. Then to find it one has to search outside of the mail section of eM Client. That’s a very mild criticism. My bigger problem is that the task system, while I may find it useful at other times, is really like using a truck to move a cupcake in the example I gave. I will need this tiny piece of information (63rd floor) once, and I don’t know when. So what is easier? Filling in a window with a dozen variables for when the “task” is due, whether I need a reminder, how often it will recur, how far along it is, and so on, or just typing the words “63rd floor” and going on to something more important in life? The ability to simple modify the text of the mail (or even attach a “sticky” to it) is a far superior solution in this case, and in most I come across. Thanks anyway.

You don’t need to open the e-mail in a new window; there are 2 other options:

  * Actions > Create task from message    (in main menu)

  * Create task from message (popup menu when you click right mouse button on an e-mail)

I don’t know what you mean by this:
“Then to find it one has to search outside of the mail section of eM Client”

By the way, you don’t need to fill in all those things like reminders when you’re creating a new task.

At least you can have all relevant info for sending this package in this 1 task…no need to search for e-mails and read a lot of them looking if you added something to one of the e-mails for this lady regarding sending a package… :slight_smile:

It didn’t occur to me to right-click on the heading column. That is definitely better than going to the top menu. I guess I’m spoiled by having used the best search function in any mail client for so many years (classic Qualcomm Eudora). One could search on any conceivable character string or cross-reference. It virtually eliminated the need for any extraneous note taking. I’m still hoping eM Client will evolve similarly. Thanks again.

Hi David,

Maybe you can mention in a separate thread the differences between the search function of Eudora and eM Client?

I’m happy enough with the search function of eM Client (although I’ve written another post many months ago to change the UI of the search function: there should not be this small triangle with hidden search options, like in which folders to search).

But I don’t know Eudora, so I don’t know what I might be missing :slight_smile: