Edit Google Calendar Item

Ok, for the love of all that is holy… how can I edit a calendar item that is synchronized from a google account? Opening an event seems to be very read-only-ish. Yes, I can change the category or modify my response… but cannot add (or much less change) a location, edit the description or anything else

Typical use case for me… a client I contract with uses Lotus Notes and there meeting rooms show up on the invite as another attendee. It would be a simple matter to just add the location into the meeting… if I could only open the meeting in edit mode. But I can’t.

Hello Gary, not quite sure what you’re referring to, but it seems like you’re not the organiser of the event, only an organiser of the event is able to edit the details of the item unless of course you’re the organiser and you’re still unable to edit the details.



I appreciate the response. This seems to be the case, but please pass a note to your development team that they should change this behavior. The limitation you mention (only an organizer can modify an event) is a self-imposed limitation of the eM client itself. On the Google web interface I am able to edit events that are not mine. In other clients (Outlook at the moment) I’m also able to edit events that are not mine.

Thanks again,

Hello Gary, unfortunately this limitation can’t be easily workaround from our side at the moment, however we’re always thinking of options how to improve the application based on available tools and API options from the service hosts - note that it’s not always possible to compare features of the offline client and the web interface, as not all the features are available for remote use.

Thank you for the suggestions!