Edit account name

I want to edit the name of an account, I created. This seems not to be possible in the account dialog. I only can add or remove accounts, or change the settings of an account, but not edit the name of an account.

Hi, in tools - accounts - your account - general tab you can see “Account name:” on top of that window.

There you can change your account name.


Jan, thanks for your reply.
What you said works for general mail accouts, but not for some other accounts.
In my case I have an owncloud calendar and an owncloud contact accout.
And unfortunately these accounts cannot be renamed like general mailaccounts.

Do you hav a clue, how to change the names of these two accounts?

It is not possible to change it in this case.


How do you see ‘Tools’?


I changed the account name under the general tab but on the left of my side where my emails are listed the one i am trying to change still says “local folders”  how can i change it ?