eM Client uses BCPG version 1.8.1 for pgp functionality. Which doesnt support ed25519. So pgp key import/create just works with rsa. and release date of that version of BCPG is 2015.

But there is version 1.8.5 of BCPG from 2019 which supports all new, modern algorithms.

Is there a possibility to upgrade bcpg version of eM Client?


2015? Probably they are waiting for some security/data breach to update to latest security standarts.

Any admins around?

I was trying to add my key pair and after few fails i came here. So no support for ed25519?

Hello all,

Thank you for the suggestion. We’ll implement BCPG 1.8.5  as soon as possible.


Any update after 3 months?

While not all changes are listed, some are in the Release History.

Checked again for ed25519, still no luck.
what a great resistance for not updating :smiley:

1 Year 4 Days, Still no update on BCPG.
So still cant install ed25519.
See you on 2021 march :smiley:

Did you check the current beta versions in the Release History?

It is a surprise to see its updated to 1.8.5. Thanks for the tip.
Yet cant create or import ed25519, so still just RSA.

Yeah I can’t import my ed25519 keys either.

This is currently the only thing I need Thunderbird for currently.
Number of people I email only use ed25519, so I kinda need it :slight_smile:

Any news on this one?
I’m also looking for an alternative for Thunderbird. eM Clients looks good so far, but not supporting ED25519 is a real show-stopper right now…

Still cant use ED25519.
Just tried few days ago.

We have been using newer BouncyCastle for quite a while (version as of this writing). That version still does NOT support ED25519 in context of OpenPGP. It does support ECDSA elliptic curves which is not the same as the EdDSA draft RFC. The newest version as of this writing - 1.8.8 - still doesn’t support EdDSA in OpenPGP even though some preliminary work was done on it.

Update: eM Client 8.2 will be updated to support EdDSA and ECDH keys compatible with GnuPG and other software packages. We will likely not enable generation of those keys but we will allow their import and use for signing, encryption and decryption.

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Thanks for your reply and following this issue.
Any ETA for 8.2?

I am using version 8.2.1659 (845a639) and still not working for me (eM Client crashes with ECC, RSA works). Does anyone has ED25519 working in v8.2?