eClient has been disabled after trial period

So far, I really like eClient. I signed up for the free version, then was asked to
register. I registered and have a valid serial number. After that, I kept
getting the pop-up that my trial period was ending, and now at the end of the
trial period, my email has been disabled. Am I able to keep getting the free version, or do I have to pay for it? Wouldn’t mind paying $49 year for it, but I just want to make sure. Also I have noticed that it is impossible to designate a font size and color for email. You have to do it each time you compose an email. Perhaps you get this with the pay version? Thank you very much.

Hi Carl,
when you register you need to input your activation key inside the eM Client to actually activate your license. You may do so in Help > License.
The demo version has all the features PRO version has. The only limitation for the FREE license is that you may have only 2 accounts active and you cannot use eM Client for any commercial or work purposes.
The price for the PRO license is per license for the current version, not per year.
You can set up templates for your email accounts in Tools > Settings > Mail > Signatures and Templates.

Best regards,