Easier bulk method of copying Categories across mail, calendar, etc.

Hi. I like this product a lot, and it has huge potential. Just browsing through the forums, you can read the passion many have for this product.

One of the pieces I find annoying is that I cannot easily (and in bulk method) ‘copy’ the categories I have for one piece (i.e. Tasks/Mail/Contacts/Calendar) to another. I know that when you start fresh by creating a new category you can place it to show in all of the pieces. But when you have, as I do, about 40 categories and they all live in the mail piece, I cannot bulk ‘copy’ them to the other pieces. I have to do each one individually. (Not my idea of time well spent). I’ve tried looking on the forum for the same query but came up at a loss.

Is there any way to currently do this? If not, I REALLY hope that it is coming in future version.

Hi, this is currently not possible in eM client, but I’ll change your suggestion from question to an Idea, so other users can vote on this feature.
If there’s a sufficient user feedback we might add it to future releases.

Thank you for understanding, I hope you can manage to work with the current settings,

That would be great, thanks. And yes, I will certainly continue to manage using eM Client despite this shortcoming…

I think the categories should be shown in a grid/table.

In the left column should be all categories and then a column for ‘mail’, a column for 'contacts, a column for ‘events’ and a column for ‘tasks’.

Each cell should have a checkbox which can be marked or unmarked, specifying whether that specific category is valid for the current column it is in.

There should also be checkboxes or buttons next to each row and above/under each column to select / unselect all checkboxes in that row or column.