EAS (Exchange Active Sync) on MDaemon Server

Hi there, I have changed Exchange 2010 with MDaemon Server 21.5.0. In MDaemon there is Active Sync and my users with Outlook from 2013 until 2019 can use MDaemon using Exchange Active Sync protocol like a charme! The user (as my) that uses emClient 8 (full licensed) cannot use EAS. If I use wizard selecting Exchange the account doesn’work because it is search the EWS Server. Only works using IMAP and setting up calDAV and CardDAV that MDaemon support well. There is a solution/workaround for use EAS? This is a function that you can implement?
Thank you in advance.

eM Client does not support Activesync. Sorry.

The Exchange Web Services protocol includes all services like messages, calendars and contacts, so with an Exchange server that is all covered.

For other servers you will need to use the combination of IMAP/CalDAV/CardDAV.