E-mails won't send

Can’t send e-mails using eM Client, but can send them directly from my ISP. What is wrong with eM Client? I have been using eM Client for months now, and have never had this problem before.

We could use more information…
Windows or Mac?
Email host?
SMTP settings?
VPN, virus software?
anything that may have occurred immediately prior to SMTP ceasing to work… either on your site or the HOST site?

The more info the merrier !!

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Am using Windows 10. Our e-mail server is Hughesnet. STMP setting is 578 (I think those are the numbers).We use Trend Micro antivirus software. eMC did send operations errors saying that there was something wrong with my STMP. However, as of this moment, I can now send e-mails again. We had this problem once before, and it resolved itself. There were no unusual circumstances immediately prior to STMP ceasing to work, either time. This most recent time, we had been out of town for 6 weeks, and when we returned, we had the problem.

Sounds like you have Port 587.

I would suggest for a test as you have Trent Micro Antivirus to disable email SMTP (outgoing mail) scanning and see if that then sends your email when you get this issue.

Thanks, I’ll try that. Will let you know how it turns out.