E-Mails will be displayed with information and pictures of the contacts


with e-mails details and pictures of the contacts are displayed.

Which contacts folder is use for this?

It is not the first contacts folder.

In my case, not my ownCloud folders are used, but another local folder with old contacts without photos.

Can it be set or is it always the first local folder?

greetings from cologne


Hi, I’m not completely sure what you mean, can you make a screenshot of the issue?

Thank you,

Hello Paul,

perhaps it ́s not an issue, it ́s a missing feature.

The contact detail information and picture is used from the “Kontakte” folder, not the “Kontakte QNAP” folder above.


Hi again Harald,
I’ve discussed this issue with the developers, contacts are not fetched from the first local folder, but not from the main or assigned folder either, we’re considering improving this feature for future releases.

Thank you,