e-mails of my hotmail account are not shown in the 'all inboxes' smart folder

When I imported my data from Thunderbird, eM Client had also imported my Hotmail e-mail account…with a separate POP and SMTP tab.

I want to synchronize my appointments and Hotmail contacts with my Windows Phone, so I have removed that Hotmail account, and let eM Client create a new Hotmail account.

Now I do not have a POP nor SMTP tab in my Hotmail account settings anymore, but I have a ‘mail, calendar, contacts’ tab instead (which is the way it should be, I guess).

However, new e-mails which are sent to my Hotmail account are not showing up anymore under the ‘all inboxes’ smart folder.

This is annoying, because I normally use only this ‘all inboxes’ smart folder to process my e-mail.

How can I see the e-mails from my Hotmail inbox in the ‘all inboxes’ smart folder?

hey, now the Hotmail e-mail is showing up in my ‘all inboxes’ folder…but that seems to have happened only after +/- 3 hours???

By the way, that specific e-mail did immediately show up in the ‘inbox’ folder under my Hotmail account, it just didn’t show up in my ‘all inboxes’ smart folder; only after +/- 3 hours it was also shown in the ‘all inboxes’ folder.

Hi, I am sorry for delayed response, if you are still receiving this issue, have you made any changes to “Smart Folders”?

I don’t know whether I still have this issue: I’m seldom receiving e-mails on my Hotmail account, so for me it’s not such a big deal.

I have not made changes to the ‘smart folders’.