E-Mails not being downloaded properly

Hi there,

Occasionally I get the following message " message will be downloaded next time you go online" when trying to open an email. 

A few points: 

 - The machine is always online bar service disrutpion
 - I am definitely online now, still the same message! 
 - E-Mail notifications are really handy, when the message can be read, less so otherwise. ;-) 

I have seen a few other posts on this subject, recommending not having download for offline use checked, but that is useful. I have tried that anyway and it does not fix the problem. 

Version: 7.1.33101.0
Machine running: Windows 7 all latest service packs included
Mail account: Is a google account

Sorry if this is a simple request that I should really have figured out by myself but I seem a bit stumped. If the message says that it will be resolved when I go online, when I am online, it is misleading. 

This is the only issue I have had with what is otherwise a great email client…

Thanks in advance for your help. 


The download for offline use setting means that when a message arrives eM Client will download the complete message. Otherwise the application only downloads the header, then when you click on it later and there is no connection, you will get this error.

Sometimes, you can get the same error when the application is still busy downloading other messages, but has not yet downloaded the one you are trying to view. Usually waiting for the sync to complete or clicking on another message and then coming back solves the problem.

If the application is offline, you should see an indication in the information area.

That can be because there is no Internet connection. It can also happen if an anti-virus or firewall is blocking the connection, but then it shouldn’t be intermittent.

I too occasionally get this message.  I simply click on another message and then go back to the offline message and it cures itself.

I get this once a day, or maybe once every two days.
it is very annoying and none of the suggestions seem to help at all.
(it is very annoying, as opposed to just a little annoying, because of other issues I have with eMClient, which also seem to be ongoing and not resolvable, so, overall not a great experience with this product)