E-mails Missing - Corrupt Warning

Opened email client as per normal … corrupt warning showed …  evebtually ran diagnostics

Client opened … but hundreds of e-mails are missing. The folders are showing, but they are empty.

I can see all e-mails on gmail … so they are there.

Reinstalled eM Client … still no emails.


Reinstalling eM Client does not delete any data, so if you have a corrupt database, it will reappear after the reinstall.

Since you are running Gmail, I assume you are also using IMAP.  I would suggest deleting the database, starting with a clean one and resync.  To do this:

1.  Make sure eM Client is closed.
2.  Navigate to c:\users[user_name]\Appdata\Roaming (note:  this is a hidden folder, so make sure that in windows explorer you check “Hidden Folders” in the “View” menu).
3.  Change the name of the “eM Client” folder to eM Client.old
4.  Restart eM Client.  This will create a new, blank database.
5.  Reenter your account information and let eM Client sync.

This should solve all your problems and the missing emails should reappear.