E-mails get deleted.

Hi. I’ve installed eM Client as my new e-mail app today. It seems to work well and was fairly easy to configure. Just one question though, when I deleted e-mails from the web based Virgin Media site, these same e-mails were deleted from eM Client. This never used to happen with Outlook Express where all e-mails remained intact. Of course, the e-mails received by eM Client can be saved to a folder as .eml files and be opened by the e-mail app. This may sound as if I’ve partially answered my own question but I’m curious all the same! Michael.

This is the difference between POP3 and IMAP/Exchange, which are the different methods that all email client use to connect to a mail server.

POP3 stores the messages on the computer, so once they have been retrieved from the server, anything you do on the server will not influence your message store on the computer. Your Outlook Express may have been setup like this.

IMAP is more like a webmail interface. It simply gives you a view of what is on the server. If you delete or mark a message read on the server, it will immediately be the same in eM Client. This is best where you have more than one device connected to the same email address as they will all share the same Sent, Inbox, Drafts, Trash etc. Means you can begin composing a message on your phone, and finish it later on your computer. Those that you have read on your phone, will be immediately be marked as read on your computer.

By default eM Client will use IMAP for all email accounts. If you want to set it up as POP3, then follow [these instructions](https://www.emclient.com/webdocumentation/en/7.0/eMClient/Default.htm#Accounts/Create%20New%20Account.htm%3FTocPath%3DGetting%20Started| _____ 3) in the Help File (F1).

BTW, instead of saving the messages as .eml files, you can just move them to Local Folders (if not visible go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders). These messages will remain in eM Client, but will not be affected by what happens on the email server.

Good advice, thanks.

Hi Gary,

Thanks so much for your reply. I’ve managed to reset the e-mail account using the pop3 server and I’ve got it to work just like I had Outlook Express working. I’ve always thought that there’s not much point in letting the e-mails accumulate in the Virgin Media inbox, so  I regularly delete them whilst at the same time looking for spam. After all why have a e-mail client if you don’t clear the Virgin Media inbox. The e-mails stay intact in the local folders inbox in eM client I’m pleased to say. Thanks again for your quick response.