E-mails doesnt load


I’m having an issue loading e-mails (IMAP-Gmail). I open emclient, it loads normally, but after a while, (about 10 minutes or so) when I click on another e-mail (I have the offline download option on), it loads only the title and the body keeps loading forever, not showing anything.

The problem persists even if I restart the application, only being solved when I restart my computer.

It is important to note that “Download for offline use” only downloads emails when you actually select them, not when the headers are downloaded.  Once you select it, it will then download the body.  Therefore, if you go offline, any emails you select will not display the body unless you have selected the email while online.

make sure that when you check on an email the client is not offline

eM Client itself will not go offline after a period inactivity, but your computer might, which is why you have to reboot.

Please let me know if this helps

Jay, thank you for your reply.

About the “download offline” feature, I have no problem with it. The issue is that, after using em client for a while, it gets stuck when it loads the body of all e-mails, and I can’t even read the e-mails that I’ve downloaded.

I didn’t went offline at any moment, as I was using the internet constantly during that time. This problem started happening without significant changes neither on the computer nor the internet connection.

Maybe something in your database is corrupt.  You might try to start with a new, fresh database by doing the following:

1.  Close eM Client
2.  Navigate to c:\users[user_name]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client and delete (or change the folder name)
3.  Restart eM Client.  It will create a new database
4.  Reenter your account information

Since you are using Gmail IMAP it will resync itself.