E-mailing from IE11 problem

After installing on a new Windows 7 Pro desktop, I find that I can’t e-mail from within IE11 using the file / send method. Both page and link by e-mail options are greyed out and unavailable. I have already checked that EM Client is set as default mail handler.

I set it up without problems, and the imports of mail, contacts and settings went fine. Sending and receiving from the program works fine. My issue is getting it to work with the IE menu commands.


Hi Mark, can you please check if you have .NET framework 2 or 3 installed on your computer under your control panel and the list of installed programs, both in their latest available releases. Some of our users have experienced this issue when some of the system components were missing, this is however considered a system issue.

Thank you,

Hello Paul.

I just checked control panel/ programs and features and the only .NET framework version I see listed is 4.5.2 but I also found at least one update that applies to .NET framework 3.5 SP1 installed. This update came pre-installed BTW as the date is considerably prior to my first updates

This computer was just put into service 1/16/2015. but all updates have been applied. I understand this is most likely not an issue with EM Client, but I figured it had been discussed here previously and that possible a fix had been discovered. It’s not the end of the world either way, as I can simply do a c&p of a link and imbed it in the e-mail, but it is nice to be able to use the menu features.

I checked this out on the MS boards first, but found nothing that applied to my situation. Most of their solutions involved setting the e-mail client as default. I chose to have EM Client set as default at install.



Are you saying I need to install .NET framework 2 and 3 since it isn’t listed?

Hi Mark, if you have .NET framework 3 installed, you should not have to install any other .NET framework packages, are you able to submit files using the “Send to Recipient” option built-in to windows explorer?

Right click any of your files and select Send to > Mail Recipient. This should attach the file to a newly created message.

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My understanding now (after doing some reading) is that .NET framework versions prior to 4.5.2 are built into the Windows 7 OS, and do not appear in the programs section of control panel as the 4.5.2 version does. That also explains the update I found related to 3.5 SP1 with no indication that .NET framework 3.5 is even installed.

Anyway, in regards to what you suggested,…using ‘send to recipient’ works fine. It’s only the file/send command on the IE menu bar, or the page button on the command bar that contains ‘send page/link by e-mail’ that do not function and are greyed out.

At this point it’s mainly an irritation and the challenge of figuring out why those functions don’t work than necessity to be able to use them. If something else comes to mind, let me know if you would.


Hi again Mark, I’m sorry but it seems this is an existing issue with Internet Explorer, I’m afraid this would have to be reported to the Microsoft’s support in order to resolve this issue as based on the information you’ve provided it seems like the application is setup correctly and should correspond as the default mail application.

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Thanks Paul.

Just for your knowledge, I installed Thunderbird mail client last night and set it as default temporarily.

The IE menu commands are no longer greyed out, and function as intended. I guess I am slightly confused as to why they work with Thunderbird if the problem is in IE 11 and not eM Client as you suggest?

I prefer eM Client over Thunderbird, but I have multiple addresses to add and I have hesitations about paying for your product when the other is free and integrates properly/fully with IE11.

Before last night I was of the same belief as you concerning where the problem lies,…now, I’m not so sure.

Regardless of what I end up doing, I thank you much for your attempts at helping me out.