E-mail templates: selecting 4th sender-account

I have four accounts and can only have templates for the first three accounts. Is that intended, or do I do something wrong?

If you can send from that account, it should be possible to select a template for it.
Does the account use SMTP or EWS for sending? Who is the provider of this 4th account? If it’s outlook.com, you might need to enable AirSync protocol first in Menu>Accounts.

Yes I can send from this account. It uses SMTP from my own hoster, which is not Outlook.

In EmClient I do the following:
Menu => Settings => Mail/Templates and Signatures
Then I create a template
Then I open “Select template for account” and see only three accounts. The fourth is not there.
When I choose “Template for …”, I can select my newly created template.
When I open 'Select signature for account", I can’t see the fourth account too

Hi JPB, can you maybe send me a screenshot from your account settings showing there are 4 accounts, the drop-down menu you get for “FROM” when composing a message, and the account drop-down menu in Templates, so we can look into this with our dev team? Send these details to [email protected] please