e-mail groups

How do I create e-mail groups in eM so that they show in column of Contacts?

Hello, not quite sure what you’re referring to, if you want to create a distribution list to submit your email to a group of contacts, select your contacts, right click the selection and select Create distribution list. You can use the distribution list in the “To” field on new emails and replies to submit the message.

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Thanks.   I 've tried to create distribution lists and want them to be listed in left column under Contacts - either contacts or local folders (what’s the difference?).  At present I have one group listed under Local Folders and tried to create another - but it’s listed as Contacts instead of the name I’ve given it - can’t find how to change name.

Hello David, the left pane includes your Contacts folders, not distribution lists, it is not possible to include distribution lists in the left pane, nor use a contact folder as the distribution list.

Distribution lists and contact folders are different features, distribution lists can only be saved within your contacts folders.