e-mail date is missing

Since today, Jan. 9 2020, my received emails don’t show the date, only the time is shown. Emails received before this day do show date and time. I’m using v. 7.2.36908.0. How to solve this?

That is normal for the compact display. Today’s message show only the time, the previous week shows the day and time, and before that just the date.

Thank you very much for your reply!  I’m an eM-Client user since yesterday so I did not yet notice it. Btw, all emails older than today show date and time, not just the date. 

The default display is as I described above. So today is time only. The past week is day and time. Older than that is date only.

You can also change the setting to display the full date for all messages if that is easier for you.

I’m using a different lay out / setting and already had activated the “Show full date” option. What I mean in my first message is that it happens when I open an email: today’s emails only show the time; emails received yesterday and older show the date and time. Anyway, everything is clear now. :)   Thanks again. Have a nice day.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Yes, the date/time is displayed in the message preview pane as you described. Unfortunately there is no way to change that.