e-Mail address - Collector ?

How about a feature that scans and collects all messages for eMail-Addresses and adds them to the Contacts (perhaps to a folder called “collected” or something…)?

Such a tool could be very handy to rebuild the Contacts-Database in case of Data-loss…


In case of contact data loss we have to be cautious before the disaster. 
For simliar purposes it’s good to have ready “.vcf” contact files backedup in a folder on your PC.
I mean a separate “.vcf” file for every one of your contacts.

You can select any or all of them, and “drag and drop” into Contacts section in eMail Client.
İt’s a fast and easy method.

But, of course I know there are many who will ask how to create or get these “.vcf” contact files.
That’s another subject.

For my case I still didn’t remove the old good WLM program, and I imported my ".vcf " contact files from there in a folder I created in My Documents.

Hi yaroyo,

Thanks, I am very well aware of .vcf - Files :slight_smile:

In my case one single Application-Crash (had to power-off the Computer while eM-Client was running…)
caused a complete loss of all my contacts.

(I do have them all in my Google-Account, but due to the 2-Accounts Limit I can not add it to eM-Client.
Buy a Pro-License?
well… I am still not convinced that eM-Client is a well-supported product, given all those Issues discussed here … and the complete lack of feedback from the Developers.
Are there Updates/Fixes on the way or not …?
They fixed the broken Print-Preview by now… but how could this be missed during testing?)

–> There seems to be room for improvement in terms of robustness to me.

Since Contacts are usually a pretty static Database:
why not have eM-Client create a Backup of the Contacts-Database at every Application-shutdown?
or add the feature I explained in the beginning to re-collect eMail-Addresses…


e-Mail address - Collector is a must when you switch from different email client to this!
How can I recollect all sent email adresses?

Hello Fritz,
thank you for sharing your idea on the forum.