Dynamic Search for search box

Is there an option to turn on dynamic search which will quickly display the results while you type instead of having to hit enter after typing the search word? If not, do you plan to implement it in future updates? I am used to how dynamic search works in Apple Mail and Thunderbird. Thanks!

Already works that way for me… v9
Nothing to “turn on” as faar as I can tell

Do you mean to tell me that as you type letter by letter, the inbox shows only relevant emails? Nothing happens until I hit the enter key whenever I type in the search box.

That is exactly what I mean as I just tested it after reading your post.

Again, v9

Then there is something wrong with what I have. It has never worked for me that way even with previous versions. I am currently using 8.2.1509. What version are you using?

BTW, I am not talking about the results showing under the Search Box which shows email addresses. I need the results to show by subject under the received column.

Not the latest as there was a new release yesterday

I replied to your post, now you changed and I am not sure what you are looking for…

I don’t understand why you have version 9 when the latest update available for me is 8.2.1669.0

I go directly to this link… I do not wait for notifications.
V9 was released out of BETA several days ago

Go Here

I just updated to 9.0.1361 but the Search Bar still does not produce the results directly in the inbox column and only shows email addresses under the search bar while typing. I still have to hit the Enter key to view the results in the inbox column.

Does you search options differ from what I am using?

These are my options as I need to only quick search by subject.

Using your settings I get the same results as I did with my settings… nothing like yours.

Well I guess I will leave it for the other users in this forum… perhaps they have other ideas

Okay thanks for trying!

Is there an option to turn on dynamic search which will quickly display the results while you type instead of having to hit enter after typing the search word?

You need to press enter after typing in the search box top right or nothing will appear in the inbox.

As far as I am aware, eM Client doesn’t support dynamic updating of search results as you type the search term in the search box. It will dynamically show you contacts in a drop-down below the search box as you type, but the actual search results are not shown until your hit the enter button (as was mentioned).

Myself I don’t find this much of an issue, but if this is something you would like to see then I would probably suggest you put the request in the feature request category on the forum:

Except @sunriseal specifically and explicitly said, in ost #4 above, that it does work this way for him?

The way I read it was sunriseal never replied to confirm it was indeed the email column (with the email subjects) that was updating dynamically, and not the drop-down under the search bar with the email address. If his eM Client is indeed updating the search results dynamically for the email column itself, then I have never been able to get it to work in a similar way. The only differences I could see happening based on his screenshot is that the “Use server search if available” is being used which causes it to be dynamic (which I doubt), or maybe the Mac OS X version of eM Client makes the results dynamic. So if indeed he got it working, I have no idea how. I am only stating what I know based on my own personal usage.

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