Dynamic, Date-Based Rules

I want to automatically and dynamically purge items in folders that become older than x-number of days (e.g. old calendar reminders that are no longer valid). Currently, there don’t seem to be any dynamic options for setting date-based rules, like older than X-number of days, or before “today” (where “today” adjusts automatically to each new day), so that you can use it to auto-purge folders on a regular basis:

For example, when you select “Received Before”, and you click on “Today”, it fixes today’s date in the rules (e.g. “7/31/2018”). That means the rule will only find day-old emails for one day, then you have to go in and change the rule for each new day. Outlook and Thunderbird let you set dynamic date parameters, like older than X-number of days, etc. --Really think this would be a useful feature.

Absolutely! You have my vote Lee.

–Just realized that Auto Archive (Menu>Tools>Settings>Mail>Automatic Archiving) does allow you to automatically archive articles older than X-number of days:

Now, it just needs to allow you to select a specific folder (currently, the options are “None”, “Inbox”, “Inbox and subfolders”, and “All Folders”), and to permanently delete, like Outlook does:

Posted a feature request here:


Yeah, I brought that up before in another post. The functionality to select messages based on age is already there in Automatic Archiving. It just needs to be extended to Rules and Search Folders.