Dutch translation


Today I created the first Dutch translation. There is still much to translate which I simply can’t translate 'cause I don’t know it’s function (90% ready). Some help from other Dutch people would be nice…

Ok… Where can I find the newest XML files?
Are the files from http://www.emclient.com/localization alway’s updated?

Thanks in advance

Hello…? Someone please respond.

Hi, we try to update localization files as often as possible, but it is not an automatic process. However you can do it by your self. Localization tool has this functioon. See section Updating localization in at www.emclient.com/localization

And currently files at http://www.emclient.com/localization are fully updated (even with slightlly modified localizator and xml file that enables to localize spellcheck dialogs).

Thanks Michal. First I didn’t understand how it worked but now I get it. A proper tutorial for other people on the web would be a smart thing to do. (just a thought)

Are the translations being implented in new releases when they are approved or anything?
I’d like to help translate, if you need any help.

Thanks man. Really gonna need it. You’ll hear from me soon. Keep watching this topic. When I’m done I’ll let you know :wink:

wow you’re quick in responding. I don’t know if i can be very helpfull, but i like to try at least.


No problem. Hopefully more will join after the first release so we can make it even better. There are always people who have a better translation for a word.

Stay tuned.


I lost all my old files with translations and had to start from fresh. Although there is still much to translate a “beta-version” can be released. Where do you want me to send it?

Hello, great news!
You can send it to burger@emclient.com.

Binary version of partial dutch localization is available at www.emclient.com/localization/nl.zip
Just unzip the file to your Program Files/eM Client directory and it should be then listed among installed languages.