I am getting duplication for all mail ie… all mails are dowloading two times… How to resolve the issue

I am getting the same thing. I’ve also had emails sending duplicates.

Same here, new install on Win10, connected to Kerio Connect (EWS). All my sent mails are sent twice, apparently even with several minutes delay ?!

Same here. Didn’t happen until I upgraded to the new version. Make it stop!!!

I am having the same issue - any update on this issue?  I use IMAP, and have disabled the “Send messages immediately” option in Mail > Send configurations.  I have several mail account but it only happens for the mail account that use Exchange Web Services. I am on Windows 10.

I think it may be related to when I press the “Refresh” button to force a send, as the duplicates don’t always happen but are very very frequent.

Hello Ethan,
does this happen even with the latest version? http://www.emclient.com/dist/v7.0.27894/setup.msi
If so please go to Tools>Settings>Advanced and set EWS logs for this account.
Restart eM Client.
Re-synchronize data for this account (right click>Properties>Repair).
Go back to Advanced settings and send then logs to rust@emclient.com with a link to this forum thread.


Thanks Olivia - the “check for update” from the UI wasn’t indicating any new version. Since I’ve installed that update (2 days ago) - I’ve yet to encounter a duplicate email sent so appears to be resolved.

Hello Ethan,
thank you for letting us know.
It should not reoccurr, but if it does, please do make the logs and send them to me.


I just upgraded to version 7.0.27943.0. I turn off “Conversations” and all my recent emails were duplicated. Also, every incoming email is now duplicated. Any suggestions?

I just discovered that after the update, a second duplicate account was added which is why I am receiving duplicate emails. I deleted the second one and the duplicate emails have stopped. 

Hello Bob,
thank you for sharing the solution to your problem.


I am also having this problem. I don’t have a duplicate account. In fact, if I delete a message, the duplicate also disappears.