duplicates in Unread smart folder - eM Client v6

I am using version 5.019629.0 and recently started having this problem.  I have a dozen or so email accounts and while recently traveling I turned a few off to not “send and receive” because I had slow internet connection and really just wanted two of my main emails (which are both google app accounts).

I am now getting duplicate (and actually sometimes triplicate) emails in the global inbox for just the google app account (the regular gmail accounts and I have one email from a 1&1 hosting account are just fine).  The count is correct but global inbox clearly shows duplicate/triplicate unreads.

I have also tried cleaning out my entire “unreads” to see if “new” messages came in this way and they do.

I am not interested in updating to version 6 at this time but would be interested in a solution with my current version.


Hi Irene, what do you mean by “Global inbox”? Do you mean the All Mail folder?
I believe this issue is caused by Gmail’s labeling system, if you display a column showing the location of your email (folder), you should see that every duplicate is in different folder.

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Sorry I do mean “Smart Folder” and yes you are correct…they are from “Inbox” and “All Mail” and some have multiple labels so get listed that many times.  

This wasn’t an issue for me before…is there a setting that I may have inadvertently changed?  Or is there any way to fix this?

Hi, unfortunately there’s no setting for this at the moment. You could turn off the visibility of your All Mail folder for IMAP connections on your Gmail, to avoid having a duplicate email there, but if you’re using the smart folders for viewing your email and you want to use labels, mails with assigned labels will be shown multiplied.

I understand this might be a bit annoying, but as I mentioned previously, this is due to the labeling system, if we disabled this, we’d have to ignore the email’s assigned labels, which would be unacceptable for most users.

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Thanks for the reply Paul.  Is this an issue in the updated version as well?

Well yes, as I mentioned it’s a standard behavior of a Gmail account, so there’s nothing we could do about it at the moment.


This was not an issue for me with previous versions.  I’m not convinced this is a labeling issue with Gmail because I have experimented with removing all labels from within Gmail itself, and the same emails were duplicated in the “Unread” smart folder.
I have used Categories in in eM Client v5x and v6x, and have also experimented with stripping all categories off of all email.  No difference for me in either experiment.  Not sure I understand why they are saying this is a standard behavior with Gmail since it had not occurred for me until an eM Client update was released, unless Google changed it specifications on how Gmail works.

Since then, to resolve this issue on my own, I moved my domain to Outlook.com (for free), and am learning to use Outlook 2013.  I went with Outlook 2013 grudgingly as the whole point of using eM Client was to have an alternative to Outlook.  I use it because it natively supports ActiveSync, which allows me to get my email, calendar, and contacts pushed to me instantly on my computer (not just on my phone).  eM Client does not utilize ActiveSync at this time.

I am a paid license holder of eM Client, and wish this issue had been resolved months ago when it began, as well as the addition of support for MS ActiveSync.  If they ever add this capability, I’ll consider using eM Client again.

To be fair, my switch to Outlook.com is not entirely due to these issues with eM Client.  Privacy overreach by Google is unacceptable to me personally.  Professionally, Gmail/Google Apps is not an option due to HIPPA, and now HITECH Act regulations surrounding the handling of patient medical records.

Hi Tom, what update do you have in mind, as far as I know this behavior is known to me since I’m using eM Client.

As I mention above you can check if it’s a labeling issue by displaying the folder your email is located in. In Unread smart folder you should then see if it’s in two different folders (thus have two labels => is displayed twice) or if it’s in the same folder - then it would be really duplicate email issue.

Thank you for understanding, I’m sorry eM Client was unable to match your needs and forced you to switch to Outlook, I hope we’ll be able to improve this in future releases.


Rather than retype my previous messages, I’d refer you to my previous posts above where I’ve stated the version(s), and the tests I ran with and without labels and categories with no differences.  No duplicate emails actually appear in All Mail, and not all emails were duplicated in the Unread smart folder.  I found no pattern to this other than to tell Gmail to not show the All Mail ‘folder’.  Not having the All Mail folder available was a hindrance because I often found that I needed to go there to see emails that were not showing up anywhere else.  New emails that would come in, were among those that were shown twice.  That is to say, emails I had never received before and had never labeled or categorized were duplicated.  No message rules enabled in eM Client, or in Gmail that might affect new messages.

Wish I was more helpful, but this already took a lot of time to test and retest different conditions.

Hi Tom, you’re right hiding the All Mail can’t be a solution for everyone, as I mentioned previously we’d like to improve this in future releases, but from your post I understand that running the test without labels and the All Mail folder indicated that this is indeed a labeling issue as I understand no duplicate emails were shown during this test.

Can you confirm this?

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