duplicates in Unread smart folder - eM Client v6

I haven’t figured out why or even when this happened, but I have duplicate emails showing in Unread smart folder. No duplicates in the Inbox, only the Unread folder.

What is triggering this? Can I fix it?

Thank you

I read in another message thread here to try using the Deduplicator, but it does not seem to resolve the issue. I let selected the Inbox when prompted to select a folder to process for duplicates.

I have two google apps accounts in eM Client v6.0.19714.0

Things I’ve tried so far:
‘repairing’ each Inbox, and All Mail folders for both accounts.
Disabled one account temporarily to see if duplicate appear in Unread - they do. Disabled the second account to check for duplicates in Unread - they do, no change.
Enabled both accounts, rechecked Unread - no change. Still have same duplicates.

As new email comes in, they appear as duplicates. This is not limited to past emails that were present from before the upgrade from version 5 to 6.

Duplicates never appear in Inboxes. Only in Unread smart folder.

i have a similar problem. I have 2 gmail accounts setup and 1 has duplicates in the unread smart folder and the other doesn’t. The account with the duplicates are also picking up unread messages in All Mail, Important, sent folders. This means I have 4 copies of the same message in the Unread smart folder.

The account that has the problem is one I use to send myself updates from client servers about system information and backup completion. Not sure if this makes a difference or not, but wouldn’t see why it would.

Hi, what email service provider and what protocol for receiving emails do you use?


I use IMAP exclusively for both email accounts.

PS. As mentioned before, the two email accounts I use are both Google Apps accounts.

do you see those duplicated emails on Gmail’S web interface too?

No, Only in eM Client’s Unread smart folder.

Then I will need exported both identical emails into .eml and your Imap logs (with synchronization) sent to galis@emclient.com


ok. 2 Logs sent to support@, and saved duplicate emails sent to galis@.

I have received them, will investigate them as soon as I will help user who has reached me before you.


any knowledge of a “fix” for this problem?

Last word from Support was on Feb 6th that they now know how to reproduce the problem, and the fix will be in a patch as soon as the solution is found.

I still have the problem with my installation, and generally don’t use the Unread folder for that reason. Duplicates don’t appear in any other folder. Just the Unread folder.

To make matters worse, I have installed eM Client on the machines of many customers of mine, and a persistent problem lasting this long makes it very hard to recommend eM Client to them when the usual expectation of end users (whom I support) is that a glitch can be fixed in a day or two. The last thing I want is to recommend something, have the customer complain about it for a month, and end up dissatisfied with my ability to resolve the issue for them.

are you using the latest available version of eM Client?

Thank you,


Hi Paul,

I think you should specify exactly what the ‘latest available version’ is…in this forum there are many times updates available which are not available via the update function in eM Client, nor via the website of eM Client.

I think the latest version of eM Client is 6.0.20025.0

sorry about that, the latest available (official) version is 6.0.19861.0.
Version 6.0.20025.0 has been pushed to customers who were experiencing specific issues, however it’s not a public release.


I am using version 6.0.19861.0., that definitely has the duplicate count issue.


Same v6.0.19861.0 here too. Hadn’t heard of a special version pushed out for this issue.


can you please send me the message exported to .eml file (both duplicates) to my email? mcgregor@emclient.com

Thank you,