Duplicated Line-Breaks in Comment Description of Calendar Events


when I add a description with multiple lines to a calendar event additional empty lines get added when looking at the description in Google Calendar or in the Apple iPhone calendar app.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create new calendar event
  2. Add the following text

First Line
Second Line

  1. Sync calendar entry to Google Calendar
  2. View calendar event description in Google Calendar, it will look as follows:

First Line

Second Line

emClient version: 5.0.18025.0
OS version: Windows 7

Best Regards

I am sorry but I could not simulate the issue. Could you please send me a test event saved as .ics? Thank you.

[email protected]

Please try the following steps to re-produce the problem:

  1. Create a new calendar event
  2. Enter the following description
  3. Save the event
  4. Open the event again (the description looks fine in emClient)
  5. Copy/Paste the description into Notepad++

For some reason it does not always show wrong in Google Calendar but it always shows duplicated line breaks on the iPhone and in Notepad++.

it is already fixed in our internal version so you can expect it in the next update.

Great! This bug is highly annoying, happy to hear that it has been fixed.