Duplicated and triplicated messages in "smart folders -> unread"


I’m using a gmail account in my eM Client and messages in “unread” folder in “smart folders” are showed twice, now even three times. I don’t have this problem in other folders but it is still quite annonying. Is there anything I can do to solve it?

Thank you very much

Marek Zima

Hi, are you by any chance using any labels on the emails you’re seeing multiple times? Maybe those are flagged emails, starred, moved into any special folders what so ever?
Are you having this issue with unread folder only?
What version of eM client are you currently using?

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thanks for the answer. Unfortunately I see multiple times both types of email, labeled and without any label what so ever. I have this problem only with my unread folder and only with gmail account. Second account is from czech site Seznam.cz and there’s no problem with displaying emails from this account.

I have version 6.0.20154.0


Hi, can you please make a screenshot of the issue once it’s vissible? Just make a screenshot of the unread smart folder if it doesn’t contain any personal information.

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Here you go

Hi again, can you please go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and turn on IMAP logging for the problematic google account.
Save the settings and possibly restart the application. Try please right clicking your the mail folder and select Properties > Repair and click on the Repair button, if it solves the issue.

If not, please wait until some mail arrives and is shown twice or more times as it happened previously, when this happens go back to the Advanced settings window and click on Send Logs.

Please send the logs to my email mcgregor@emclient.com.

Thank you, sorry for the inconvenience,

I stopped this by going into Gmail and telling it NOT to sync “All Mail” folders. When “All Mail” synced then if an email appears in the inbox, it is also in “All Mail” and therefore listed twice.
UNFORTUNATELY, I just downloaded dropbox email for my Android phone and that App requires that “All Mail” folders be synched – which brings me back to duplicate unread emails.

So I need a new solution as well.

Hi Mark, unfortunately there’s currently no solution for this issue, this is caused due to the gmail labeling system which is not supported in eM Client.
Maybe in future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

I am experiencing this issue as well, ever since the latest upgrade (I think). When new mails come in they show up in the Unread smart folder as duplicates. When I delete one, the other one goes away, too.

unfortunately this cannot be solved in the current version in any other way but to not sync All Mail to the IMAP communication.
The support for Google labels will be included in the upcoming version 7 though (http://www.emclient.com/blog/gmail-la…).