Duplicate with thread email


I have duplicate emails from previous setup of IMAP and I want to delete through duplicator. I tried to move duplicate emails to a new folder first before deleting. I found that email with thread once deleted it will also delete original copy. please any assistance on this…!

Yes, if the duplicates have been moved to a folder within the same set of account folders, they will still be part of the conversation. That could delete the whole conversation if deleting from the message list because the message list is actually a list of conversations, not individual messages. You will need to select the individual message to delete from the message preview, not the message list.

But the easiest way to delete the duplicates is to disable conversations using Menu > View > Conversation, delete the messages and then re-enable conversations.

I have also found that in this scenario, where you want to move the duplicates to a separate folder before deleting them, it is best to move them to Local Folders so that they will be removed from their original conversations. If Local Folders are not visible, you can enable them in Menu > Settings > general > Show Local Folders.