Duplicate Remover?

Is there an easy way to automatically find and delete duplicate emails?

There’s no easy way for almost any e-mail programs that can do this out of the box. Both Outlook and Thunderbird requires additional plugin/add-on for this.

As for eM Client - nothing. Sorry dude, you going have to do it manually in eM Client.

In Outlook MODUB REMOVER is the best way to get rid of duplicates.

But thats a very big question for EMCLIENT I think. Duplicates are easy to get and - in my opinion - it’s necessary for EMCLIENT to integrate a finder/remover or to offer interfaces to known products on the market.

I try to establish EM to my clients - but without ANY solution to this … it’s hard…

It will definitely be implemented in the upcoming version 6. It is scheduled to be relased in 2-3 months.

I experienced this problem when first installing an external account. Fortunately for each of the em’s pairs, one was marked “read” and it’s twin was “unread”. I was able to sort on the “read” column and delete the unread ones universally.

Hopefully you have the same situation.


I have the same issue due to an initial setup problem where I had to un-install and re-install emclient. All emails were duplicated and unread emails were triplicated. Huge hassle.


can I ask you for steps that you did before your emails were duplicated?