Duplicate Outgoing Facebook Messages

I am running eM Client v5.0 on Windows 8. Everything works great. I am so glad to have installed and switched over to this client.

My problem is that when I added my facebook account to access the chat features and started chatting with my brother, I noticed that every message I sent to him duplicated itself as if I sent the same message twice on the screen. I asked him and thankfully they are not duplicating on his end. Nor do messages I receive from him duplicate, solely the outgoing messages I send.

I tested this out on a gChat message and it does not happen like it does with a facebook chat message. I even made sure to log out completely from facebook on my browser. Even when I was logged into facebook on my browser, the facebook chat doesn’t show duplicates there.

Anyone else experience this issue?

I, too, have this issue. I was using the Messaging app in Windows 8 Metro on my Windows 8 Pro system, so I tried switching to IM+. The problem appears there, as well. When I look at the chat in Facebook in Chrome, there are no issues and the rest is as you describe.

It appears that this problem is with Facebook’s API and not the actual clients.

How can i fix it , i have the same problem, and i relly want to fix my messaging app for windovs 8, please help thanks ! :smiley:

we know about this issue and are currently working on the fix. You can expect it in the next update.

Edit: We have analyzed the problem in more detail and found that it is a server sided problem. Thus we cannot provide any solution at the moment.

Edit2: https://developers.facebook.com/bugs/…

Hi George. In addition to your comment i see that the other side receive only one message and not the duplicate message.

Thank you for the info.

Hello George!

I also have the problem with duplicate outgoing messages on facebook chat. The same effect appears, no matter if I connect to my facebook-account via eM Client’s facebook-module or via the Jabber-module.

What I found out is following:
When I send a message with eM Client, the sent/outgoing text appears immediately in the chat window. After a short time, the same text comes back from the facebook-server, perhaps as a kind of acknowledgement?
I assume it is a feature of facebook to always display the same outgoing messages if you chat from several devices at the same time (like desktop and iPhone).
Proof: Every time I send a message from my iPhone it also appears in the chat window of eM Client after a very short time, but only once!

I think a quick and dirty (perhaps not even that dirty) fix would be to change the behaviour of eM Client’s chat window: It should surpress the typed text after sending and only display the sent text it gets back from the server, if sending is successful.
This should fix all problems, I think?
Perhaps you could do this as an selectable option in settings.

Could you think about this, please?


This issue is fixed by workaround in next patch (week or two max until release)