Duplicate mails

I get two of the same sent mail in sent folder in eM Client 7

Hello David,
what maill account does this issue happen on?
If you uncheck the ‘Save a copy of the sent messages in Sent folder’ option in Tools>Settings>Mail>Send does that fix the issue?


Hi Olivia, that was all with my Hotmail accounts (Outlook).
I have try your suggestion and all is good now.  Many thanks.


Wouldn’t that keep a copy of the email from being saved then?

  • Merg

Hello Merg,
some servers have a default rule that creates a copy even if the mail client is creating one.
If there are 2 copied of the sent message, removing this option either in the client or the server should still keep one copy.


This is happening to me too but it isn’t just the Sent folder. I get dups in the Drafts folder when I never even saved anything to it. I get dups in my Inbox, and Sent folder. And none of this happens on a regular basis, it’s hit and miss. Maybe 1 out of every 5 or so emails I send gets duplicated and even more sporadically in my Inbox and Draft folder.

I have “no updates available” and I am running 7.0.26356.0

I have unchecked the ‘Save a copy of the sent messages in Sent folder’ option, we’ll see what that does, but I don’t know how or why that would change the Inbox or Draft folders.

I also, frequently, have Unread mail indicators next to folders that have no unread messages in them. I have to completely close eM Client and reopen for those to go away.

Hello Dave,
latest version is currently v7.0.27943: http://www.emclient.com/dist/v7.0.27943/setup.msi
Also, your issue sounds very different to the one discussed in this thread. What mail account does this happen with? Who is the mail provider? What protocol is used?