duplicate incoming mail messages from gmail account (sometimes 3 copies)

I get two copies of every incoming gmail message (they have identical content, and date/time stamp).  This is a real problem for me as I’ve been ill and I have over 4,500 messages in my unread folder.  Sometimes I even get three copies.  I don’t get it for any of my other accounts.

Hello Ali,

When you log into your webmail, do you also see these duplicated messages? Could we please ask how many accounts have you set up in eM Client? In which folder under which account do you see these duplicated messages (All Inboxes, Inbox, Unread in Smart folders, …)? Are you receiving these messages to a Gmail account or are they coming from a Gmail account? Do you have any aliases set up?

Thank you,

Thank you for helping.

  1.  No, when in webmail, there are no duplicates.
  2.  I have 10 accounts set up in eM Client?
  3.  The duplications are in the Smartfolder ‘unread’, not in the destination folder.  I have been working mail through the smartfolders, is this wrrong?
  4.  The duplications or triplicates are coming to my gmail account.  (I have 4 gmail accounts, but only one monitored by emClient.
  5.  Loves them aliases.  It’s a while since I set them up, so I don’t know the exact configuration and terminology.